Saint Report

Remember to be working on your saint pumpkins for the saint museum on October 30-November 3. For extra copies of the instructions, please see the documents on the right side of the screen. If your child forgot which saint to depict, this can also be found in the documents. Happy reading and creating! Can't wait to see all the saints in a couple weeks!

Fun Ways to Practice your Spelling Words

About three times a week, pick a few spelling words from the list and an activity below to practice the words for the week.

1. Look left to right, find and highlight words in a magazine or newspaper article.

2. Write part of the word leaving off a letter. Have your child finish spelling the word.

3. Draw wavy lines underneath the syllables.

4. Circle the letter, or set of letters, that makes each sound that is heard.

5. Write or chant rhyming words—can, fan, ran...

6. Spell It Backwards—spell the word backwards and then the correct way.

7. Trace It—Write the word in about one inch letters and trace ethe letters with your finger saying the word out loud.

8. Write the word in a sentence.

9. Write words using household products: shaving cream, pasta, legos, yarn, etc.

10.  Create a shape using the spelling words.

11.  Draw a picture definition for each word.

12.  Sing a silly song with your words.

13.  Create word art— turn the letters into pictures or use a creative font

14. Check It—fold a paper into fourths. In the first column, spell the word correctly. Cover the first column. Say the word out loud. Visualize the word. Spell the word in the second column. Check the spelling. If the word is incorrect, circle the errors. Write the word correctly in the third and fourth column.

15. Catch a ball, jump up and down, or anything physical while spelling your words out loud.

16. Use some of the words to write about a book...the character, setting, problem, resolution, or details.