Happy Easter!

Alleluia...Jesus is Risen! What joy, to know that God's love is so much stronger than our sins!  This is so important that the Church celebrates the Easter Season for 50 days.

Jesus died to save us from sin.  He rose again to bring us new life in Him.  If we sin, He wants us to get up and try again.  He wants us to be free from sin and full of grace, like Mary.

Here are some ways to remember Jesus' great love and sacrifice:

  • Go to Holy Mass with your family every Sunday.
  • Pray the rosary (or part of it), especially the glorious mysteries.
  • Be sorry for your sins, and try not to sin any more.
  • Tell Jesus, "I love You!"
  • Tell Jesus "Thank You" for something.
  • Help someone in your family.

May Our Lord's great love make us joyful, with a song in our hearts: ALLELUIA!