First Grade News in December

Here's what the first graders are learning in December:

  • Religion: Advent & Christmas seasons; December saints
  • Reading: Story sequence--retelling beginning, middle, and end of stories
  • Math: Place value (tens and ones)
  • Writing: Manuscript letters; forming complete sentences
  • Social Studies: Needs and wants; jobs in the community
  • Science: Trees & plants; STEM activities

Advent: A Time to Prepare for Jesus

It's Advent... and we are waiting for Jesus to come.

Here are some little ways to get your heart ready for Baby Jesus when He comes on Christmas day:

  • Obey your mom or dad the first time they tell you something.
  • Help your brother or sister the first time they ask.
  • Pray when you wake up.
  • Pray right before you go to sleep.
  • Ask Mary to help you when something is hard.
  • Tell Jesus "Thank You" for something every night.

It's almost Jesus' birthday.  Let's make room in our hearts for Jesus!