First Grade News in October

It's the month of Our Lady of the Rosary!  Mary always leads us to Jesus.  We can be like her: loving Jesus with all our hearts and trying to bring Him to those around us.

Here's what the first graders are learning in October:

  • Religion: Angels, October saints, Mysteries of the Rosary, Bible stories
  • Reading: Main idea & details
  • Math: Subtraction through 10 (skills, concepts, vocabulary)
  • Writing: Complete sentences
  • Grammar: Nouns, verbs, articles
  • Social Studies: Maps and globes
  • Science: Plants


There will be a prayer quiz the week of Oct. 23-27 on the following prayers.  All students will be expected to say the whole Angel of God and Hail Mary independently without prompting; at Mass & the rosary students will be expected to pay attention, have good posture, and sing/ say the prayers they know.

  • Angel of God
  • Hail Mary
  • Rosary (participation)
  • Posture at Mass (Please practice every weekend.)


With Mary as our helper, let's do our best for Jesus!