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Position Athletic Director
Name Mr. Lance Longacre


Fall Sports Meeting

Fall Sports Meeting

Monday August 20th 6:00 pm

 This is a mandatory meeting for the parents of all students who wish to participate in Volleyball or Cross Country this year

Welcome back to SMM Athletics


St Margaret Mary Athletics

Welcome to the start of St. Margaret Mary sports year!


My goal for this and all seasons here at St. Margaret Mary is to help develop our young players into accomplished, commendable and devoted children of God through student athletics. I want to stress that the one point that all of us can never lose sight of is this is for the kids.  Although our goal is to win games, we must never lose sight of our mission; to teach these young men and women honor, sportsmanship and physical fitness.


Physicals (Very Important)

Under documents on this page is physical form that must be returned before your child can participate in any sport. Ideally, the physical should be returned on the first day of school, because practices usually start on or close to the first day of school.


Sports Fees

Football: Football fees will vary and will be explained by the team in which your child will be a part of.

Volleyball:  $40 Due 2 weeks after the first practice

Cross Country:  $30 Due 2 weeks after the first practice

If fees cannot be paid before this date, you must contact me ASAP. Failure to pay fees or not contact me will render the athlete ineligible after Sept 10. If the athlete is playing for SMM but is attending another CSAL school, I will contact the school for fees.


Student Eligibility

All students who participate in this program shall maintain satisfactory academic standing and conduct.  No student shall be eligible to participate for that week in which the student is failing any subject.  Those students who do not maintain this level may be suspended from athletics until satisfactory academic standards are accomplished.  The school, not I determines academic and conduct eligibility.


Student athletes shall adhere to all codes or rules of conduct that are in effect.  The student may be penalized for violating these codes and rules or may be penalized for actions of their parents.


Any student who does not attend at least half of the school day shall not be allowed to practice or participate in Catholic Schools Activities League games or practices.  If the student has prior approval for an excused absence, this rule may be waived.



Parents shall maintain an attitude and conduct that is conducive to a positive environment for the students.  Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the sports program and are to encourage sportsmanship to their children.  Undesirable behavior of parent or child will not be tolerated and will cause suspension from the program.

The parent shall not confront any game official during or after a game.  Coaches are responsible for discussions with game officials. The parent shall not confront a coach or assistant coach at any game.  The parent shall make an appointment to speak with a coach at some appropriate time. After speaking with a coach, if a parent is not satisfied, the parent shall then contact the Athletic Director. Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from practices, and to and from games.  The parent is responsible for assuring on-time delivery and pick-up of their children. Parents are responsible for their children having adequate sports shoes and any other required equipment.



Practices will be scheduled by the coaches. Participation is required for adequate game play. Coaches will contact team members for practices and any other necessary means.




Lance Longacre

Athletic Director