Please Read

Reading is a skill that enables us to continue to learn all our lives.  It is a skill that helps us in our schoolwork, our careers, and our leisure.  And like any skill, it must be practiced in order to maintain our proficiency in it.  Here are some helpful tips to help your child become a great reader.

Children need to be read to from their onset.  Read to your babies to expose them to language, sounds, and inflections. Point to the pictures as you read.  Discuss what is happening in the story.  Ask questions.  Use different voices.  Make it fun.

Don't limit where you read.  Read at home, in the car, in the store, while waiting at the doctor's office.  Read the signs, the labels, the recipes, the newspaper, whatever is available and of interest to you and your child.

Read what interests your child.  Sometimes that means reading a favorite book so often that you practically have it memorized.  With my own children, it was the Berenstain Bears' B book.

Let your child see you reading.  They will see how important this skill is to you as a grownup.

Don't know what to read?!  Visit a library and ask a librarian.  Get online and search for lists of great reads for various age groups.

Just ... please read.

Mrs. Hinson