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School is Back in Session!!!

We are back in full swing! I want to take this time to welcome everyone back to school. We have many changes taking place here at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School. Over the summer you can see that we have started the construction of our new bathrooms. We are very excited to have begun that new phase in our school. We also moved 6 teachers around, which allows us to have an actual middle school wing. So far I think everyone likes the change!!  I especially like having the middle school kids down in their own wing!!  Shhhhh, don't tell them!!  Fr. Eric has done some remodeling of his own, the sacristy looks amazing!!  And he has a new ramp and fence over at the rectory.  Lot's of changes.

One more change I would like to tell you a little more about it the new parking/drop off zones. We decided to make this change for the SAFETY of our students. Last year we just saw so many ALMOST accidents with our students that we just decided it was time to try something new. Please be patient with us as make this transition. It will take some time and PATIENCE. We sent home a note in May letting everyone know about the change, I also explained it at Open House, for those of you who chose to come to Open House, we did our best to get the word out.  I truly appreciate all the parents who have stopped to help in the mornings and after school to assist with the new procedure. It is TRULY for the SAFETY of our students that we make these changes.

You will also notice some changes in the times the students go to lunch, this is so the Middle School students are able to have the same class period times in the afternoon as they do in the mornings. So in case you were wanting to eat lunch with your child they are as follows:  Kindergarten eats at 11:00, 1st eats at 11:05, 2nd eats at 11:10, 6th eats at 11:20, 7th at 11:25, 8th at 11:30, 3rd at 11:40, 4th at 11:45 and 5th at 11:50.

I hope everyone had a great summer and will have an even better school year here at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School.

Where we are Catholic First, Catholic Everywhere, Catholic All the Time!!!!!

School Admission Policy

Our Bishops have stated, “Catholic education is only for those students who practice Stewardship along with their parents; are active in parish life, including regular participation in worship and reception of the Sacraments”. Admission to St. Margaret Mary School or one of the Catholic High schools will be based on a history of the Stewardship and participation of in the Sacraments in this parish or a previous parish if new to the area